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Stylish bracelets tailor made for you

What are Ropelets?

Our UK designed Ropelets come in a variety of quality materials, all made to any wrist size and your choice of stainless steel clasps. We offer a custom size option too so we can make any wrist size as all our Ropelets are made to order. We have thicknesses from 3mm to 8mm in a range of colours and styles. They are available in single, double and treble wrap options. We also offer Gift Cards.
12 mm vintage brown leather bracelet from , ropelet, bracelet, leather bracelet, mens bracelet

Leather bracelets

With leather bracelets from 3mm to 12mm we have something for everyone in a wide range of colours and styles.

Rope bracelet from made to any wrist size , ropelet , jewelry, kite surfiing, sailing, climbing

Rope bracelets

Stunning colours and thicknesses from 3mm to 8mm theres a huge choice to style your wrist. We use quality marine and climbing ropes.

Black leather and red stainless bracelet made at , jewelry , mens bracelet, mens fashion, mens gift, mens jewelry

Leather and stainless bracelets

Combination bracelets with stainess steel woven into the leather to create a very stylish bracelet.

Green and copper tones stainless steel bracelet by . jewelry , mens bracelet, mens jewelry, mens style, stainless jewelry

Stainless steel braid bracelets

Stylish and colourful our wide range of stainless steel braid Ropelets covers 3mm to 6mm with something for everyone.

Our clasps

We give you a choice of stainless steel etched clasps to go with your bracelet choice
purple and pink Ropelet with magnetic locking clasp from

Magnetic locking

The most basic and simple clasp stainless steel magnetic locking the clasp is pulled together by a magnet and the clasp twisted to lock with a pin.

Ropel bracelet in brown white and black from

Non magnetic locking

Our most popular and 2nd strongest clasp stainless steel non magnetic locking with a strong pin and lever locking mechanism.

Black leather and red stainless bracelet from with magnetic non locking clasp

Magnetic non locking

A nice simple and great looking barrel clasp, stainless steel magnetic non locking. A strong magnet pulls one sleeve inside the body to secure.

Green leather bracelet from with stainless slide lock clasp, ropelet, jewelry

Slide lock

Stainless steel slide lock clasp, our top of the range clasp. Sleeve slides away to reveal the pin ball lock which only opens when the slide is open. Only available on our 6mm ranges.

Ordering your Ropelet

Measure your wrist size and allow slack for the fit you like. Our standard sizes are xsmall (16cm), small (17cm), medium (18cm), large (19 cm) xl (20 cm), xxl (22cm) plus the custom size option. Dont worry about the clasps we will work from your wrist size. Ordering is as simple as 1,2,3,4....


Choose your material from our choices in the thickness you would like


Select your clasp from our ranges of stainless steel clasps


Carefully select your wrist size after measuring your wrist and allowing slack for the fit you like. We do have a custom size option too

Other options

We have choices of tube beads, charms and gift tins to add to your Ropelet. To make it extra personal or a great gift